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What You Can Eat

I think it's best if I just tell you what you can eat that way we don't think about all the things we can't.  More positive!

These are your Healing Foods:

Meat: Pasture fed where possible
Chicken (free range)
Beef- Could be a problem initially if you have milk sensitivities)
Offal meats
Liver -  Liver from land mammals is high in vitamin A but low in vitamin D, and should therefore be consumed with other vitamin D-rich foods such as lard or bacon from pasture-raised pigs, egg yolks, and oily fish, or during months in which UV-B light is sufficient to provide one with adequate vitamin D.
Bacon (without nitrates)
Crispy Pork Rind (home made)

Broths and Stocks: home made
(very helpful in keeping up the electrolytes
which are lost with the loss of excess fluids)

Seafood: Fished from Australian waters
All shellfish
Prawns - very good source of iodine
All Fish 
Wild tinned Salmon (Canadian OK)

All Eggs: Organic & free range

Dairy: Unpasteurized where possible. All Grass Fed cows 
Products have vitamin K2.
Please note: Dairy has two things that we can be sensitive to:
the milk protein, casein, and the milk sugar, lactose. You may need to only eat ghee at the beginning of this program
Butter - 
Ghee (no casein or lactose)
Yogurt- Plain (without skim milk powder added and fully fermented with live cultures) 

Oils and Fats: These needs to equate to about 70-80% of your calorie intake.
Coconut Oil (Not refined)
Olive Oil (don't heat, 100% olive oil only ( be aware that some olive oils have been found to be adulterated with other oils)
All animal fats
Cod Liver Oil (non flavoured)

Only Cooked vegetables until you are better: 
Avocados (you don't need to cook these)
Spinach/ Silverbeet
Green Beans
All leafy Greens
Snow peas
Brussel sprouts
Spring onions
Sauerkraut (home made)

All spices and herbs: Where possible use organic
No chilli or hot spices till you have been on the program for a while.
All herbs are OK from the beginning

Coffee and Tea are diuretic always drink a glass of water when imbibing.
Decaf Coffee ('Swiss water method' only)
Decaf Tea 
Lemon juice, Stevia, mineral water or filtered water (good drink to use for cravings)

WATER You must drink water as you lose a lot of fluid when you are on this program.

Filtered alkaline water 
Good Mineral Water such as San Pellegrino 

Soda Water (Use with alkaline drops such as AlkaBalance as soda water is a bit acidic)

Mayonnaise (made with olive oil, eggs yolks, lemon juice/vinegar)
Celtic Sea Salt (very important to have 1 and 1/2 teaspoons a day)
Salad Dressing (made with olive oil, lemon and/or apple cider vinegar, salt)
Tomato Sauce (home made)
Apple cider vinegar

Stevia only (use sparingly)
Stevia has a bit of a strange after taste but if you use lemon you won't be able to
taste it.

Alcohol is also dehydrating.  Drink a glass of water when imbibing
An occasional glass of dry red or dry white wine on special occasions.
There is NO low carb beer out there despite the advertising.
Alcohol will slow down the rate of healing as it is hard on the liver which is our main detoxing organ.

Nuts:  unroasted  and soaked
Brazil nuts - these are a very good source of selenium
Use sparingly, especially those with stomach issues. Nuts have phytates which make
them hard to digest and soaking them will help.

Fruit (Eat little occasionally and not at all at the beginning)

Special Occasions
Okay, okay I get it there are times that we need something a little special for a birthday for instance?  Well, I made an excellent Lemon Cheesecake where I only used stevia and a tiny bit of maple syrup (maple syrup sugar content is glucose which is better than fructose) as the sweetener and I used ground almonds and coconut oil for the crust. It was very yummy and I will post the recipe separately.

This is extremely important.  You must eat enough fat with your protein intake.
Protein can be changed by the body to glucose.  So if you eat too much 
protein and not enough fat you won't have as good effect from this diet.

My experiences of the Food Choices that are in this Blog.
I found eventually that these foods are ample for a great food choice.

Your sweet tooth will go I promise you.  Some people take longer than others.  But eventually you will taste something sweet that you used to eat and it will be so sweet to you it will by yukky.

Try not to have anything sweet, not even stevia for the first 6-12 months, as it will really help that part of your brain to disconnect that sweet reward connection. 
 There will come a day when you won't even have any inclination for anything sweet.

 I found it so hard not eating the grains at first until I was on this program for a while, and then I ate some and found them so boring.  Just stodgy. It felt like I was eating just to fill up my stomach not to eat to give me the best nutrition or flavour!

Try eating rice or bread or potatoes without any fats or meat, just plain, before you start this program.  I don't know about you but I couldn't eat them for long without finding them so boring!
Really good sour dough bread has been my downfall though.  I had some in Italy and wheat is still one of my worst food sensitivities and this can cause some bad cravings.

Remember fats are really important.  They not only are a great carrier of toxins out of the body and balance your hormonal system they also make you feel full.  So eat up your fats.

Generally eat till you are full.  Do not under eat you do not need to and it is not helpful.

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