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About Gluten and Wheat

The highest and best way to consume gluten, which is responsible for celiac disease and the milder forms that manifest themselves as anything from mysterious rashes that come and go to diarrhea and other GI disturbances to arthritic aches and pains, is from wheat.
Other forms of food also contain this protein but not in the quantities that our modern wheat supplies.  

Gluten is something to give up. It's not good for you

But gluten isn't the only evil about wheat there is also evidence it is a super carb:

"Modern wheat is approximately 70 percent carbohydrate by weight.  The carbohydrate is in the form of a starch called amylopectin A.
The most digestible form of amylopectin, amylopectin A, is the form found in wheat.  Because it is the most digestible, it is the form that most enthusiastically increases blood sugar.  This explains why, gram for gram, wheat increases blood sugar to a greater degree than, say, kidney beans or potato chips.  The amylopectin A of wheat products, “complex” or no, might be regarded as a supercarbohydrate, a form of highly digestible carbohydrate that is more efficiently converted to blood sugar than nearly all the other carbohydrate foods, simple or complex." [Italics in the original.]
"...the degree of processing, from a blood sugar standpoint, makes little difference: Wheat is wheat, with various forms of processing or lack of processing, simple or complex, high-fiber or low-fiber, all generating similar high blood sugars.  Just as “boys will be boys,” amylopectin A will be amylopectin A.  In healthy, slender volunteers, two medium-sized slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar by 30 mg/dl (from 93 to 123 mg/dl), no different from white bread.  In people with diabetes, both white and whole grain bread increase blood sugar 70 to 120 mg/dl over starting levels."  
Extract from "Wheat Belly" by Dr Davis
Wheat is now being seen as an addictive grain. Go to the supermarket and just look at how many and how much of our food is now made and including wheat.
My betting is the hardest food for you to give up will be wheat.  I know because it was mine.
Dr Dr. Davis has had people leave his office in tears after telling them they couldn't handle wheat and needed to stop eating it. I doubt many of them were thinking, “Well, this is just too good to be true!”

What you might feel emotionally and how to help yourself

My acupuncturist was talking to me the other day and told me a story of a woman he treats who has been eating really well for 3 years.
She told him that, after being on a really good diet for 18 months, she was horrified when she found herself going into a cake store and buying a whole cake and stuffing the whole thing in her mouth as fast as she could. She said she couldn't seem to stop herself. She was berating herself mercilessly because it made her feel so terrible and she felt so sick.

My acupuncturist said one thing to her and to me,  he said,

 "You need to attend to that part of yourself that got comfort from foods you ate as a child. That part of you still needs comfort but you need to find a different way of getting that comfort. You can't just ignore that place hoping it will go away because it won't." 

When you start this program you probably will have feelings of deprivation and possibly depression.  If you can become aware of these feelings at the time then it is a really good idea to find some form of replacement for that nurturing  that you received from your comfort food.  
We need to retrain our minds to come up with other ways of nurturing our child other than food.

Important: Biochemical speaking make sure you are getting plenty of B vitamins like the ones I have recommended.  Or eat lots of beef liver.  Depression and low energy can be caused by not having enough of B-6, B-12 and Folate. 

The LCHF foods on this program are not addictive like carbohydrate foods.  I'm betting that most of the foods you have found comforting will have been pretty high in carbs.
It is not likely your comfort food was spinach or nuts!
You won't find yourself craving an egg or a curry  but you will come to really enjoy your food none the less.

Other peoples reactions
When you start having some great healing from this diet you will want to tell people what you have done.  Be prepared for some flack.  Some people can be very protective over there carbohydrate addiction.  
My Story-
  I was going through a really hard time at the beginning of this program, feeling really tired, doing a lot of healing and emotionally going through the withdrawal of the loss of my comfort foods (carbs). Right at this time my best friend told me that people can't live without carbs as they are absolutely necessary for life. I told him I was still eating carbs but only vegetables.  He ignored this and went on with telling me that it's just not natural to not eat carbs and people can't be happy without them.  It wasn't because he was mean, it was simply that he couldn't imagine himself without his comfort carbs.  
Funnily enough I finally encouraged him to start the programme as he is pre diabetic, overweight and always getting sick.  Although he loved bacon and eggs for breakfast and he lost a lot of weight, he wouldn't give up the fruit and so his addiction won out and he went back to his old high carb diet again.  Back to a muffin and latte for breakfast!  
"My body knows what to eat!"
People will tell you they know what their body needs and it lets them know what they need to eat, so they don't need help with their diet.  Of course they will say this and then in the next breath tell you of some ailment they have.
 If we were able to eat right from childhood the above statement would be true.  
However there are learned aspects of the hunger drive. These can be blamed on early childhood parental practices, in which parents put babies out of touch with the natural physiology of when, what, and how much to eat. Humans have this natural mechanisms, but humans have learned not to pay attention.
"Oh I've tried that", people will say
and then they proceed to tell you how it wasn't right for them.  Of course they usually haven't kept it up for very long because they start to have carb withdrawal symptoms and they think it't because their body doesn't like being off carbs.
 "The more technical term for carbohydrate withdrawal is “keto-adaptation,” because the body is adapting to the state of ketosis that results from eating fewer than sixty or so grams of carbohydrates a day.  This reaction is why some who try carbohydrate restriction give it up quickly. (“Carbohydrate withdrawal is often interpreted as a ‘need for carbohydrate,’ ” says Dr Westman.  “It’s like telling smokers who are trying to quit that their withdrawal symptoms are caused by a ‘need for cigarettes’ and then suggesting they go back to smoking to solve the problem.”)"
Quote from Gary Taubes author of Why We Get Fat.
Addictions for Wheat and Sugar
Some people can even get quite angry  when given the possibility that they could give up their comfort carbs. See my post on wheat and gluten for more information on this.
Sugar cravings for some people are similar to Heroin addiction cravings.
My Story-
I got the weirdest cravings in the beginning of the program.  I had given up gluten (bread) a quite a few years ago, so I was surprised when the visions of food I had was this white toast with margarine that I once had in my childhood.
 Hey, I can understand perhaps a buttery croissant craving, but give me a break, white toast and margarine? 
But then I realised there was a big emotional component to this craving, because it was a point in my childhood where my mum was working all the time at a hospital, I was lonely, but I was allowed to go to the hospital kitchen where the cook (she was nice to me) let me eat all this white toast (we only ever has wholemeal at home) and huge amounts of margarine (we only had butter at home).  
This was my comfort food at that time and that memory was being resurfaced because it was an old way I got comfort in a time of need.  I guess the feelings of needing comfort were surfacing because I wasn't squashing it down with any normal comfort foods.

Ways to Nurture yourself:
Stop eating all sweet things.  This is vital and will enable your addiction to abate and you will not longer crave carbs.

  Instead you could:      

  •  Watch an inspirational movie
  •  Watch or read something funny
  •  Having a cup of good decaf with cream
  •  Listening to my Daily Practice for Self Nurturing- here 
  •  Journal your thoughts and feelings and needs
  •  Read a great awe inspiring book
  •  Go for a stroll really looking at your surroundings and appreciating them.
  • Get support from a good friend who understands how important this program is to you and your health.
To download my Audio 'Daily Practice for Self Nurturing' right click the mousse on 'here'  above and go to 'save link as'
Here is a pdf list of Feelings and Needs to use with my Daily Practice for Self Nurturing.
Avoid TV commercials of other people eating.  Eating, is an overt and socially learned behaviour. Often we humans eat when others are eating, even if we are not hungry. Also advertisers use pictures of people eating when advertising food to get you to eat their food even if your aren't hungry.  

Go to celebrations having already eaten a full meal and bring something to munch on also.
Food is associated with celebrations, and usually food is part of the celebration. In most cultures, it is not acceptable to say "no thank you" to a dessert, such as a birthday party for example.  You will need to make a stand for yourself at this point. 
 Say something like, "I'd love to have some cake, but my doctor would kill me."  

Unconscious Eating
You may find yourself eating something before you actually become aware of what you are doing.  Forgive yourself and get back to the program right away.

If you cheat forgive yourself!
More than likely you will cheat sometimes.  Don't use it to give yourself a hard time nor to give up.  Yes, you have made it harder on yourself physically but no need to make it harder on yourself emotionally.

Keep a journal
 The road to health, despite so many in the Low carb community saying it's only the beginning which is rough, has its low points every now and again.
The road to great health will take time and there will be moments that you feel fantastic and THEN...there will me moments of healing reactions.  
These moments will often come just after a time when you have been feeling good because its then your body has reached a place where it can now do some more healing.  Thus the healing reactions.
At the very start of this program think of all your health challenges and write them down in a health journal.
You will need your journal because it will remind you of all the health problems that have already disappeared and so reinforce your commitment in the times when things aren't quite so easy. 
I guarantee you will forget the health challenges that quietly disappear.
I have had to remind my husband, of many of his health problems that have gone.  I would ask him, "How's your scaly head?, which he had had for more years than we have been married. "Oh it's gone", he says.  He just didn't and still can't remember ailments that have gone unless I remind him.

And most biggest of all: Get Support from others who are successfully on the program
It is so important to have peer support from others who have gone through the same problems as you and have come out the other side while being on this program.
No matter how silly the question might seem I can guarantee others have gone through something similar and can be there to reassure you.
This is something I would like to offer you on this Blog.

And last but not least check out some of the other Blogs online to see there are some really sane people doing the same program as you
For instance Dr Michael Eades has a blog and does the program himself:
Dr Jay Wortman also has a blog.  He did a study and movie using this diet on Eskimos.
He and his family are dedicated HFLC's:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

You will need these supplements

I know you don't want to take anything.  But.....for a while to get healthy these supplements will increase the speed of your recovery.

The vitamins and minerals you will need

Vitamin A & D - Natural retinol only 
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids
Vitamin K2
Calcium Citrate  
Magnesium Citrate 
Omega 3
Vitamin E -d-alpha tocopherol
Niacin - Natural only (this will give you hot flushes which the synthetic form will no. the synthetic form will not work as nearly well)

Take all these twice a day with meals

If you would like to replace the Omega 3's and Vitamins A and D with Cod liver oil then the best one would be Green Pasture Products: Blue Ice High-Vitamin Fermented Cod Liver Oil,
You can also get this product with this product with added butter oil.  Butter oil has plenty of Vitamin K2 which has been found to be deficient in many people who have Intestinal Permeability (Candida)

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid tablets- Take with meals if needed.  I believe if you have any gastro intestinal problems you will need this supplement until you can make enough stomach acid on your own. 
Vitalzyme - you can use this or not.  I have found it to really help my energy and digestion but it's a bit pricey. Just one in the morning before food
Coconut Oil - Use for cooking and as a supplement.  Slowly work up to eating 3 desertspoons a day plus when is used in cooking. 
You might also need Hydrochloric acid tablets with you meals.  I will have a blog entry on this subject.
Potassium bicarbonate or use AlkaBalance
And if you have Alzheimer's or Parkinson disease or
a predisposition to these diseases- MCT Oil

Epsom Salt Baths- take as many as one a day to begin for the first 2 months.  Provides a good supply of magnesium and sulphur. Sulphur is particularly deficient in those who have been vegetarian.  Sulphur is good for any persistent skin issues,  sleep apnea sufferers, restless leg syndrome, and those with fibromyalgia.  Meat & eggs contain high quantities of sulphur so after being on this program for a while you will have a good supply coming in.

You can use cod liver oil instead of the A & D and the Omega 3's.  It is just finding a product that is a good enough price and quality.
The site iHerb USA  is a great place to buy these supplements. They are a large company and because the price is so good the postage is not a problem.  If you use this code WIM869 you will get US$5 off your first order and I will benefit by getting bit off my order. If you use the links above you will not need to put in the code.

Take all these supplements just after you have eaten except for the Vitalzyme.  Take this before you eat.  Vitamin C you can take as needed.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Why you don't need to exercise like a greyhound

Exercise is not always the way, someone’s story

“I always was very physically active (6 - 8 hours/week of incentive cardio) and always on a chubby side, eating healthy moderately low-carb diet. Then the combination of all that jumping and weight, close to 180 lb, resulted in the need of a foot surgery (due to over exercising). I was in a panic. I thought that I would gain weight during 2 - 3 months of recovery time and I put myself on a very low-carb diet (30 grams or less of carbs), no fruits, no starches , no sugar substitutes, no snacks, just 3 meals a day. To my surprise, it made me less hungry. Only then I finally started to loose weight and moved from my 2 year plateau.
Looks like I am very weight loss resistant. During one year I lost only 8 -9 lb on this diet, but I am loosing and could finally drop extra hours of exercise. Now it is 3 - 5 hours of moderate exercise a week .Working out like mad is not sustainable. Even if you are willing and have time and willpower to do it, your body will give up eventuality, and then what? I believe that years of exercising kept my cardiovascular system healthy and my muscles toned, I never had a bad blood test or blood pressure reading in my life, however, fasting blood sugar level started to move really close to the upper border of normal (99 mg/dL). Now it is close to the low level of normal (69 -72 mg/dL).
- my age is 50, female.” 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Why Having Enough Salt is So Important!

We Need More Salt Because:
Eating a high carbohydrate diet the kidneys will hold onto salt, 
when we restrict carbohydrates our kidneys release salt which takes water with it.

Such is the natriuretic (excretion of large amounts of sodium in the urine) effect of low carbohydrate eating that we have to add salt to our diet to ensure we don’t get dehydrated because of the salt and fluid loss. 

The great thing about the Alkaline Paleo program is that it relieves fluid retention and lowers blood pressure.
After being on this program a while noticed I didn't have the usual bags under my eyes when I got up in the morning.  This was the first time I had no bags in 30 years.

I didn't need to have expensive surgery to "debag" under my eyes. 

I also stopped getting premenstrual fluid retention.

IMPORTANT: If you are on blood pressure medication:

 If you are on blood pressure medication you may start to become dizzy when you begin this program.  Make sure you visit your doctor as you will need to slowly or quickly come off your blood pressure medication.

Indications of Needing More Salt
  • If you are urinating more frequently you need to up your Celtic sea salt intake
  • .If you have a headache, fatigue, weakness and constipation take more Celtic sea salt
  •  If you are getting cramps increase your Celtic sea salt intake. (Cramps can also mean you are not drinking enough water or you may need more potassium)
Celtic sea salt is the only salt with all the minerals your body needs which includes Iodine.
I wasn't  getting enough salt at the beginning of the program and I had the worst night of cramps I had every had.  Went away as soon as I upped my salt intake.

Why Consume Salt Containing Iodine?Low Iodine levels can trigger low HCL (stomach acid) production essential for all digestion stages. 
Low levels of HCL is very common in today's world where we are eating too much carbs.

Iodine also enables chloride to enter stomach cells, this is important because the chloride ion in salt is an element of HCL. There are about 600 milligrams chloride per 1 gram of salt. 

If you cannot get Celtic salt you can consume sea vegetables (seaweeds) along with salt as  they can provide iodine.

Salt in History
Whole books have been written about the history of salt.
 Wars were fought over access to salt. 
Roman soldiers were often paid with a measure of salt, hence the origin of the English word “salary”. Hunters and their prey, herders and their cattle, all shaped their actions and habits around access to salt.

Humans did not need to know chemistry to understand the value of salt. 
Salt deprivation leads to lightheadedness, fatigue, headache, and malaise. 
Aboriginal cultures could figure out that if they drank from one spring they began to feel lousy, but if they drank from that other one, they’d feel OK. The Inuit knew which ice to melt for water to boil their meat. Sea ice loses its salt content with age. Fresh ice had too much salt, fresh snow had none, whereas older seas ice was just right.

Now that your diet is much closer to that of the hunting cultures you will need to understand the need for salt, as they understood the need, and thus their highly evolved practices of finding salt and consuming enough of it to maintain health and well-being.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Testimonials by people on this LCHF program:

IBS, menopause, urine incontinence

I wrote this on another site after 4 months on the program.
I have been on a low carb, high fat diet for more than 4 months! I am not diabetic or obese but started for other health issues. I am a woman of 51 years.
Boy was I tired for a good part of that time! But as of 2 weeks ago it’s just getting better and better. I feel great, my brain fog is gone, my sleeplessness is gone, my menopausal symptoms have gone, my urinal incontinence is gone, my IBS symptoms have gone, lost about 10 kilos, my libido has improved hugely. I expect a lot more in the coming months.
Can’t say it was easy to begin with but it does seem to get easier and easier and commitment gets stronger seeing the results. I started with the expectation of being on it for only 6 months but with everything I have found out I realize now that I will be a lifer!
I understand myself from talking to people about this diet how absolutely scared they are of it. Luckily my husband has been so supportive although my best friend tried to talk me out of doing it. Even now he ignores all the positive things that have happened to me.
I can’t eat dairy so I eat lots of coconut oil. 



I'd like to add some words of encouragement for you with respect to this program.

In July 2010 I had a sudden extreme outbreak of eczema ALL OVER MY BODY. I NEVER had eczema before (I'm 27 yrs old) so this was a total shock; the dermatologist said it was one of the most severe cases of eczema she had ever seen.

I knew about the dangers of steroid creams and antibiotics so I refused to take them.

I found the program and it made sense to me.

Within a couple of weeks of being on the program I got such severe healing reactions that I became completely disabled and had to go on full disability from work. My skin went through the scariest and most painful daily transformations you can possibly imagine.

In addition to the expected green and loose stool, I had acidic (very smelly) liquid coming through my skin (toxins) for 2,5 months. The skin got so thick and inflamed that I looked like a turtle. I was cold all the time since my skin barrier was completely broken from scratching. I couldn't get out of bed as any temperature change from under the blanket would make me itch and bleed uncontrollably, so would any contact with water.
I couldn't sleep for days at a time and felt like I was constantly burning from the inside. I had hives every 30 minutes and could not wear a T-shirt for 2 months as any contact with the skin provoked more painful hives. My face would get numb every 15 minutes (major skin flushes) after which a layer of skin would come off from scratching so hard, leaving my skin all purple. I lost a ton of skin every single day, as well as 30% of my hair; my skin layer was simply not "sticking" to me.
My skin also went into a "wet eczema" state 4 times.

After 3 months of complete hell, my body got used to the vitamins and the daily skin "reactions" started going down until eventually the itch started disappearing and my skin got softer and cracks went away. My legs were the first to get better, followed by the stomach and back, arms and shoulders. My face and neck will be the last.

My skin is currently 70% recovered. My last improvement was 1 week ago when I noticed that my face was no longer peeling on a daily basis. I used to wake up every 2 hours to moisturize, and now I can sleep for 6 hours. I am very impressed that I have virtually no scratch marks of any kind after what I went through....thanks to the coconut oil used on my skin. I moisturize every 2-3 hours during the day, and I am now back to being functional and resumed stretches and light workouts after 4,5 months of being disabled. I still have a lot of redness and an occasional itch, but I feel so much better and the recovery is going fast now so I expect to have my skin back to normal by summer, which will be am 11 months journey.

I highly recommend the program to you, although I must warn you that it will be very painful, but don't give up and don't listen to people who criticize you for doing it. I was criticized by almost everyone in my life, but I was desperate to find a cure so I would not have to depend on steroids.

Fibroids, Sleep, Triglicerides

I haven't been to a gynecologist for some time. After 4 years, I can feel fewer fibroids on my left side and a larger, harder mass on my right side. My internist wants me to get an ultrasound, mammogram and colonoscopy. I'm not worried about the last two, but the uterine hardness and mass are a little worrisome. Should I go ahead with the ultrasound or not bother and trust that the fibroids will disappear in time as long as I'm following the program? The internist also said I have a polyp at the opening of the cervix that a gynecologist could remove (I had one removed in the same spot about 6 years ago). Everything else has gotten better, though I still have some thrush, dandruff and the back pain. Not bad for being very sick when I started! I haven't had a cold or bladder infection in well over a year! Plus, I sleep like a rock now. Thank you!

and a little later....
The fibroids seem to be going down, so I'll just keep
going without "doctor supervision," or more like doctor pressure. Funny story
about my blood test. Everything was perfect except my cholesterol which was 515.
The doctor was shocked, but said that my triglycerides were puzzlingly low, only
52. She said the HDL and LDL couldn't even be measured because the overall count
was so high. I researched the subject and found that low triglycerides are an
indicator all by itself of a low risk of heart disease. My level is as low as
age group 10-29 and I'm 56!

I told my doctor I'd follow her advice to cut down on fats, but you know I
won't!!! Why tinker with success?

Enlarged prostate, bad back, catarrh,

My husband, 64 years, has been on this program for 12 months.
He has an enlarged prostate and a large kidney.  About 6 months ago he had exploratory surgery because he was getting a pain in his kidney on urination.  After surgery his urologist told him his enlarged kidney was congenital and nothing could be done.
It was suggested that he had surgery on his prostate to help with his small urine stream and his frequent visits to the toilet.   We were told that after a few years he would need more surgery.
His frequent urinating and small stream from the enlarged prostate has hugely improved due to this program.  He was getting up to urinate up to 4 times a night & spending ages sitting waiting to empty his bladder.
His kidney pain is still present but I expect that will go after he has been on the program long enough.
I would like to mention also that he used to get a very bad back ache, which was crippling and would last for days.  He went off gluten several years ago and the bad back aches went away.  He also says he has a fabulous sense of loving his food, more than ever, and he is eating less on this program as he feels satisfied.
He also realized the catarrh that he had at the back of the throat for years had gone.
He had given up dairy (to no avail)  as he thought this was the cause, but turned out it wasn’t the dairy as he is now eating again it with no problems.
His PSA levels also are much lower.  
He no longer makes "skid marks".   The cause for these I found out is that at end of the rectum there is about 4 inches of bowel that is preceded by a valve.  The last part of your rectum should be empty except when evacuating.  This valve can become weak and leaks faeces into the part of the rectum that should be empty.  These faeces then leaks out of the anus.  So his valve has become stronger and no longer leaks.

Warts, Vegan

Today marked my first anniversary being on this program.  I was 57 when I started last year and figure I may have 4 years more before complete healing. My
friend, Christine, whom I've never met, has been a huge encouragement and help to me!

I had been vegan for 10 years and knew I had candida problems. I tried to avoid
fruit but never could stay that way for more than 3 months at a time. My
downfall was corn chips!
I ate lots of meat, but didn't know about the fat and got very constipated! I
only had 2 weeks to read all the info before school started back. I just
tried to stick to it the best I knew how. Many days and nights have been
miserable! I had to ignore the pain and itching and go to work. Teaching 5
year olds helped take my mind off my misery.

I was really surprised that the high fat was so satisfying. It has been a
delicious journey!

Since I teach school, it seems to take all my time and energy to fix the food and go to work. I don't feel like cleaning house when I get home.

Warts that kept coming back after I cut them off my fingers have gone away. My
rashes don't itch as much. I've done 24 coffee enemas and well over 100 epsom
salt baths. God helping me, I plan to stick with this. I so want to help
others who have this problem. I'm so proud of all you young people on this diet!
Wish I'd started earlier.

God bless,

.....and this
I too was vegan for 10 years. My health kept getting worse and worse. A wise
doctor, who had been on the same vegan diet I was on, convinced me I would have
to start eating meat again to get well. I am so thankful for him! I've seen
improvements, but have a ways to go. I believe I'll be well in a few years
and prove the vegan diet wrong!

Stick with it,

Asthma in a little girl

It is very marvelous to be thinking about my daughter's
progress at this time of year. Around Christmas is when she used to get the most ill.
This would be the season of misery for us, multiple trips to
hospital and weeks of watching her struggle to breathe (on top of so many
other disorders). This year we have had a big snow fall in England and I
have watched her sledge every day; relentlessly sliding then climbing up
an absolutely massive hill, again and again. This feels like a miracle.
I lie next to her sometimes sleeping at night, just to listen to the
wondrous music of her soft and gentle breathing. She is so well, it’s
astonishing, not even a 'cold' this winter.

All the best, Anna

Very low weight and vegetarian

I visited this program over two years ago. Like you, I dismissed it because it
did not promote the foods I wanted to use to make me healthy. Leafy greens, sea
greens, juicing, sprouting etc. were the foods I valued for their healing
properties. I tried every method to use these foods for healing. I took part in
programs, Hallelujah diet, Body Ecology diet, Fit for Life....etc, sole because
they were in line with my own idea of how to overcome disease. When they didn't
work, I implemented components from each and tried to work them like a jigsaw
puzzle, sticking pieces here and there hoping to find the solution to my
spiralling health problems.

I was 70 lbs. at my lowest point. If being a vegetarian was going to bring
health and vitality to anyone's body, it would have been mine! I had an aversion
to meat too. In fact, I avoided meat all my life, even when I was young I ate
very little meat. It just never made me feel good. So I slowly acclimated to
being a vegetarian, then a vegan, and then being a raw vegan. All the while my
digestion grew poorer and poorer.

When one program didn't work, I tried another. I tried various detoxifying
programs too; Bernard Jensen's fasting and enema's, Candida cleanses, injecting
Ozone treatments, Alkaline treatments, Fiber and clay products, saunas,
colonics, even many of the supplements that have been discussed here like the
recent posts on MMS. I've done it.

When I was finished with my need to have my healing foods be strictly vegetarian, THEN
I began to see improvements. I used cod. I ate cod with every meal, mind you it wasn't a large portion, but with a little bit of bone broth, and some spinach to assist with my need to see green on my plate, that constituted my first steps towards regaining my health.

When I found the program again last year, I looked at it from a new perspective.
She gave me permission for the first time in my life to eat meat and fat. The
very foods I was repulsed by for over 10 years were the very foods this
woman provided in her program for those whose digestion was so poor that they
reacted to EVERYTHING! After two months of holding stubbornly to the last
vegetable I could eat, I gave into to the All Meat and Fat program in August
2010, eliminated the spinach, and have recovered so much of my health since
then. I am now walking, riding bikes, and exploring Tai Chi. Last year, I was
bedridden and starving to death.

Please consider your choices wisely.

There are things that seem right, that lead to disease. Then there are things
that are based on sound principles that, followed with sincerity, lead to life.

I choose life.

Healthy weight gain

I have been chronically underweight (long term vegetarian and 3 year 100% raw
vegan). I am male, 31, 71 inches tall. I am putting on weight since I got on
Bee's program. healthy weight. Good muscle and much needed fat. I remember a few
months ago when I stepped on a weighing scale at the gym. The gym trainer was
with me and we both were aghast to find that the machine didn't record any body
fat%. The machine showed an 'Error'!!! She remembers me by that weighing
experience and when we did the same measurement today, she was pleasantly
surprised and also was happy for me.

Not just the weight. I am also feeling a lot better and sharp. My body after
years of being malnourished is just running with the good nutrition being
provided, finally!

My current weight stats are 133 lbs, 11 % body fat, visceral fat of 1% and a
BMI of 18.6. All are in the healthy range. I just got myself measured today
morning. My gym trainer wants me to reach 18 to 20 % body fat, get some more
weight on (For my height and age, a healthy weight range is anywhere between 146
to 170 lbs) and then start considering working out once or twice a week for
strength building. I will think about it later but if I sign up it will be max
once or twice a week. No crazy gym routines for me!!

As you can see, I still have a long way to go to get to my ideal weight. Not as
a rule, but in general, men want to gain weight to reach their ideal weight
whereas women want to lose weight to reach their ideal range (again not a rule,
but generally we see that trend).

This program will help people gain weight if they want to, over time and help
people lose weight if they have to, while health is being built.

So readers please do not get alarmed when I say I am putting on the pounds. In
my case it’s much needed. I was 124 lbs in Oct and I have put on much needed 10
lbs and many more to go.


IBS, Depression, Tendinitis, Anxiety, Hair loss, Sound Sensitivity and much much more!

January 14, 2011 is my one-year anniversary since I began your program and it began to change my life, and I wanted to give you an update of all the wonderful progress that has occurred this year.

• Anxiety is completely healed! No more panic attacks!
• IBS is completely healed!
• Tendonitis in wrists is completely healed, which is great because I'm a pianist and
teach piano for a living!
• "Dyslexic" typing, texting, and piano playing is completely healed!
• Depression is completely healed!
• I lost about half of my hair from May 2010-December 2010, but the hair loss has
stopped completely, and my hair looks and feels much healthier than it used to!
• A year ago, my periods were heavy and the pain was severe for several days, but they
are much lighter and more regular now, and the pain usually lasts for only one to two
• Sound sensitivity is much better…I don't need ear plugs anymore.
• I'm not bruising easily anymore.
• My skin is smoother and is beginning to have a slight glow to it.
• I am 5'3" and weighed 135 pounds a year ago. Today, I weigh 107 and feel so much
• Brain fog used to be extremely "thick" every single day. Now, I only have brain fog
occasionally. It is so wonderful to be able to think clearly again!
• My attention span is longer and continues to lengthen.
• My nose is much less congested and inflamed, and I can breathe now (most of the
• Food doesn't taste strange anymore.
• My teeth look whiter and healthier and feel stronger and more solid and secure in my
• My gums and tongue are a deep healthy pink more often than they used to be. There
are still many days of white tongue, but they are decreasing over time.
• My skin is less red and not inflamed anymore, and the whites of my eyes are less red
and are bright white again!
• I am off 5 prescription medications that I was taking last year. The only prescription
medications I take now are anti-rejection drugs for my kidney transplant.
• I don't crave bad foods anymore.
• No more bladder infections.
• I'm not irritable anymore, which my husband appreciates tremendously :)
• I no longer feel hypoglycemic.

There are many other things that have improved, but these have been the ones that were the most difficult to deal with a year ago. My healing reactions over the past year have been extremely severe, but they seem to be lessening in severity, and I am persevering.

Forever grateful and looking forward to another year of healing and happiness!

Parkinson's Disease 

There are illnesses in my family that are inherited, but it is not the genes
that are causing all this, it is the things we do that are primarily

One example is the Parkinsons that has showed up in every generation going back
as far as we can get on our family tree. My dad is the latest victim and already
I am showing signs of it. But unlike my dad who has been diagnosed with it, I
will never be diagnosed with it because I have stopped doing the things I used
to do that was creating this illness within me

There is a long list of things that all of us with the Parkinsons, and
pre-Parkinsons do, and I will not go into all of that here, but a few things
that we ALL do from childhood is refuse to eat fat. We all also eat far more
fruit than the average person, a lot of pasturised dairy, and a lot of grain
foods. We all do this and we even did this before it was fashionable to do this.

I don't really want to go into all the other things we all do because some of
these things are controversial, but all I can tell you is I have stopped doing
all of them and changed my diet so that I am now not eating any of those foods
I just mentioned and I now eat oodles of fat.

My symptoms have improved 90% and they are continuing to improve. My dad who is
further down the path than me, he is almost 70 years old and actually diagnosed
with Parkinsons, he has more recently decided to give up the same things that
are taught and encouraged and then literally passed down in our family and also
adopted this diet. His symptoms are also clearing up and his illness is not

In cultures that do not eat much fruit, pasturised dairy and grains, and where
plenty of fat is consumed Parkinsons is very rare, and so are many other
degenerative illnesses

Hope this is helpful

Love Joanne

and this..... along with Fibromyalgia

My dad has got Parkinson's and I too have displayed many of the symptoms of
Parkinson's in the past. For a long time now both my dad and myself have been
using the diet ketogenically, (i.e keeping our carbs below 15g) so that we can
get this benefit for our brains and it is working very well for both of us

Immediately if either of us come out of ketosis our symptoms return. I think it
is a similar phenomena to that which you see with epileptic seizures. In fact I
have to wonder if what I was experiencing was driven by partial seizures. That
is rather what is felt like, but I never passed out. It just went on and on and
I could barely walk, barely hold my bowel, my bladder and a zillion other things

Anyway, glad to say i am not in that mess now, and my dad is also doing well

Kindest regards


and this....

both my dad and myself have the same symptoms, even to the time of day when they
occur. They did not appear in the same order, I was more poorly than he was much
earlier on, however, because of my age I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
and because of his age my dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, but my view
is for at least a few people Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia are one and the same

We are told low dopamine is the cause of our symptoms, but in my view this is a
red herring. We do have low dopamine, but so do a lot of people and they do
not have these illnesses. A better way to word this would be that people who
naturally have low dopamine can end up with these illnesses when they eat a
processed high carbohydrate, low cholesterol diet.

The illness is a gut, nervous system and brain illness. As this program repairs the
gut and gets it up and running again correctly, the ketones are protecting the
cells in the nervous system and brain.

The degeneration being caused by the diet leads to high glutamate in the nervous
system and brain. This excitatory neuron is what causes the tremors and make the
person feel edgy. An enzyme called Glutamate decarboxylase does not work
correctly in both Parkinson's and in Fibromyalgia

When we enter ketosis this enzyme works more effectively and turns the glutamate
into GABA

When GABA is correct in the brain and nervous system the body is able to create
all the neurons it needs and chemical medication is not needed.

We also have problems turning this glutamate into glutathione, and because we
have low glutathione we have difficulty detoxing. the state of ketosis increases

However, if the person concerned goes on L-dopa before they start the diet even
with the diet the person concerned will have difficulty getting of the L-dopa.
L-dopa works like a street drug, it lowers our own natural dopamine and replaces
it with an artificially made dopamine. When a person with Parkinson's tries to
wean off this med they have many many problems. A better choice of medication is
Low Dose Naltrexone. but the diet is much more superior to this and anybody that
has been diagnosed with whether Parkinson's or Fibromyalgia, in my opinion needs
to get on the program and supplements ASAP and work on doing the diet

The Type 3 diabetes that has been associated with Parkinsons, is low insulin in
the brain. Again if you use ketones to feed your brain this problem with Type 3
diabetes is also diminished

People that have Parkinson's also tend to have h-pylori. A good diet 
that includes HCL and the other things helps with this
Love Joanne

My sister has Schizophrenia, it came on over a number of years. There are many
reasons why this happened but one thing that stood out for me and still stands
out for me is the very poor diet she was eating. You see before she became ill
my sister was trying to eat healthy but sadly she did not have much eduction in
regards to nutrition and she followed what the authorities were saying at that
time, which was basically that she should eat a low fat diet with lots of pasta,
cereal, bread and so on.

As the years went by my sister became very addicted to these foods, not just
these foods but other foods that were clearly doing her harm, like chocolate,
cakes, biscuits and so on.

My sister is now on the types of medication and although
these drugs have stopped her behaving strangely, she has ended up with no life
and she is clearly not happy.

a few months ago I introduced her to Bees diet. Because she is drugged up so
much of the time she struggles understanding some of this, but she is
persevering and slowly she is getting better

One of the first things that she did was stop eating all the starch and sugary
foods that she had become hooked on and instead started eating plenty of meat
and fat, especially coconut oil. She also started taking the supplements
recommended, firstly the one and a half teaspoon of salt each day, then the cod
liver oil, next the B Complex and so on. It has not been easy for her, she has
had good days and bad days, but by doing a little reading and adding one thing
each day she is getting there

Right now she is lowering her medication and she is finding that as she does she
is feeling much better. But she does have to do this slowly because when ever
she tries to rush things she gets into a mess

Hope this is helpful


PMS, hormones etc
PMS and other monthly issues are a non-issue for me now, eating high meat/fat and lower carb. On lower fat vegetarian, they were awful.
 However, I didn't know I was celiac at the time, so gluten grains in my case could have played more of a role.
 At any rate, nothing but improvements across the hormonal board while eating lots of animal products/fats. Just had them all tested, as a matter of fact, as part of a thyroid panel (also fine).

Age spots gone

Yesterday, having lunch with a girlfriend,I looked down at the top of my hands,
where I have several aged spots. Quite to my SURPRISE and almost GASPING...I
noticed on  the top of my right hand that the spots where almost invisible. I
said to my girlfriend... OMG, I can believe this! She says WHAT ! Well, I
proceed to tell WHAT!
 I believe this diet is healing my spots. No other explanation for it.

Occular Rosacea

Five years ago I was diagnosed as having Occular Rosacea. I was given Doxycline and my eyes cleared right up. As soon as my eyes were clear I stopped the meds. Gradually my eyes went back to running yellow and white goo coming out. My eye lids were swollen and red. Hang tags and warts appeared on my eye lids. Then my face turned red, then it too had pus filled pimples all over, red spots, brown spots, hang tags, warts, etc. The Doxycline worked great. But, I did not want to keep taking meds for the rest of my life. Who knew what it would do to my body. Neither my eye doctor or dermatologist know what causes Rosacea. If they didn't know what caused it, how could they treat it?
I forgot to mention the 20+ floaters that were running around in my eyes at the same time as all the other symptoms. Haven't seen a floater in almost a year. I understand that they are still there but have settled down someplace in the eye and are not active.
I found this program in May of 2010 and slowly started the regime. I stayed home for the month of May and June because I was to embarrassed to be seen in public. I was a mess... every morning I had to change my bedding as it was stiff from crud from my eyes and face. My eyes were glued shut and I had to pick the crud off and use an eye cup with citric acid, baking soda and H2O2 [hydrogen peroxide]. This I had to do 3-4 times a day. Gradually I began to look human and started going out even though my eyes were gooey and red (I wore glasses to hide them). My face had pimples and all of the other stuff, but the running sores soon stopped.
It took about one year before I could say that I was on the road to being "normal". My face is clear and my eyes only water now and then. Now the fluids are clear and not pussy gooey. The brown spots (very large ones) that my dermatologist called "adult freckles from being in the sun", disappeared as did all the warts, hang tags, etc.
I take all the supplements, sea salt, coconut oil, butter and drink the lemon and sea salt with water (has replaced my wine). Yes, I have eaten things that I am not suppose to such as ice cream, but I have paid dearly with pimples and gooey eyes. Right now I am on the high fat and protein diet with veggies appearing now and then in Kimchi and spinach. As long as I follow the regime I look beautiful at 75.

Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis

December 2008, Female, 52, 5'5.5 " tall, 195+lbs. Hypothyroid and only recently well medicated. Female hormone issues, fibromyalgia diagnosis (thyroid related), chronic diarrhea, and bone on bone osteoarthritis in my left knee. I also have cerebral palsy (since birth).

I was on thyroid meds, BHRT, muscle relaxers, prescription pain meds , sleeping pills. etc. The pain in my knee was excruciating making walking difficult. My knee was constantly swollen, inflamed and squishy with fluid.The joint and body aches aren't fun either.

I knew I had to do something and decided to go low carb,starting January 1, 2009. I also knew I had to get back into exercising. I started with 5 minutes on the treadmill.

Within a few weeks on low carb my pain has greatly reduced and my time on the treadmill increasing slowly. By the end of the year I'm off the pain meds and rarely taking sleepling pills or muscle relaxers. I've lost 50 pounds and put almost 500 miles on the treadmill. My knee pain only reoccurs if I eat off plan or step wrong(momentary pain). The diarrhea is rare now.

Today, 2.5 years later I have lost a total of 60 lbs and maintained it. I can walk/move pain free. I put 26.2 miles on the"mill' this week. However, eat off plan, more than rarely, and the pain and stiffness returns and stays for several days. 

I believe without a shadow of a doubt that diet has a role in muscle and joint pain, not to mention osteoarthritis. 

Hashimotos, Atherosclerosis, Panic Attacks, Adrenal Exhaustion and much more

I've been putting off writing my Success Story for some time now but decided (as a way to encourage others) that I would go ahead and at least tell what has happened to me since I began eating this way. 

I have been on your diet for 14, almost 15 months. Prior to finding you on the internet, I had already started getting better through far infrared saunas (detox) and taking sugar, grains and processed foods OUT of my diet. I had been diagnosed with thyroid disease (hashimotos), gluten intolerance, insulin resistance, artheriosclerosis, adrenal "burn-out" (and who knows what else). I felt so bad that I had to quit my job the end of 2009 (I was a Realtor). I spent a year sitting in front of my computer researching and trying to figure out how to get better. I had absolutely NO ENERGY, horrible panic attacks, sleep deprivation, brain fog, hair loss, unexplained weight gain, depression, etc. I had spent thousands of dollars years prior with the medical establishment and even some holistic and natural doctors to help me get better. With 10 being the best you could feel, the best anyone could do for me was get me to a level 4. 

When I came across your website, like most, I was skeptical. But something inside me kept telling me to read what you had to say and give it a chance. My blood sugar disorder was one of the problems I seemed to struggle with the most. What I didn't realize then that I know now is that my carbs were too high even though the carbs I ate were "good" carbs. When I started the diet I had in my mind that I would give it 3 months and if I couldn't see any difference in that time I'd move on. But before 3 months...actually...within weeks I started feeling better. Just lowering my carbohydrates and bringing my healthy fats UP was a big "ah ha" moment for me. 

Four to five months into the program I decided to even stop the Cytomel I was taking for my thyroid and give coconut oil a chance to stabilize my thyroid. A year later I'm still not using thyroid meds and my body temperature is almost back to normal (better than 95.6 which is where I began). I sleep great now, no more grazing all day long to keep my blood sugar elevated...only 3 meals a day. My skin looks the best it ever has....dryness all but gone. My hair stopped falling out, I've lost weight (22 lbs) and went from a size 12 to an 8. My energy is THE BEST it has EVER been. 

Depression and Anxiety disorders

 I have suffered from chronic severe depression and anxiety disorder (and various diagnoses of dysthymia and cyclothymia) for around 20 years.
 In an effort to cure myself I left full time work and studied Naturopathy (natural therapies), experimenting with various diets and eating regimes.
 What I found worked best for me was a diet that omitted carbohydrtes and was high in meats and vegetables. This high ketone-producing diet made me feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I was stable, no depressive symptoms or anxiety. I tend to agree with Dr Robert Su that carbohydrates can kill.