Wednesday, 30 November 2011

About Gluten and Wheat

The highest and best way to consume gluten, which is responsible for celiac disease and the milder forms that manifest themselves as anything from mysterious rashes that come and go to diarrhea and other GI disturbances to arthritic aches and pains, is from wheat.
Other forms of food also contain this protein but not in the quantities that our modern wheat supplies.  

Gluten is something to give up. It's not good for you

But gluten isn't the only evil about wheat there is also evidence it is a super carb:

"Modern wheat is approximately 70 percent carbohydrate by weight.  The carbohydrate is in the form of a starch called amylopectin A.
The most digestible form of amylopectin, amylopectin A, is the form found in wheat.  Because it is the most digestible, it is the form that most enthusiastically increases blood sugar.  This explains why, gram for gram, wheat increases blood sugar to a greater degree than, say, kidney beans or potato chips.  The amylopectin A of wheat products, “complex” or no, might be regarded as a supercarbohydrate, a form of highly digestible carbohydrate that is more efficiently converted to blood sugar than nearly all the other carbohydrate foods, simple or complex." [Italics in the original.]
"...the degree of processing, from a blood sugar standpoint, makes little difference: Wheat is wheat, with various forms of processing or lack of processing, simple or complex, high-fiber or low-fiber, all generating similar high blood sugars.  Just as “boys will be boys,” amylopectin A will be amylopectin A.  In healthy, slender volunteers, two medium-sized slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar by 30 mg/dl (from 93 to 123 mg/dl), no different from white bread.  In people with diabetes, both white and whole grain bread increase blood sugar 70 to 120 mg/dl over starting levels."  
Extract from "Wheat Belly" by Dr Davis
Wheat is now being seen as an addictive grain. Go to the supermarket and just look at how many and how much of our food is now made and including wheat.
My betting is the hardest food for you to give up will be wheat.  I know because it was mine.
Dr Dr. Davis has had people leave his office in tears after telling them they couldn't handle wheat and needed to stop eating it. I doubt many of them were thinking, “Well, this is just too good to be true!”

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