Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid, it's amazing

Ascorbic Acid for food cravings but wow, it's abilities to detoxify are beyond amazing

I am absolutely sold on Ascorbic Acid powder.  
There are various forms of vitamin C, (e.g. ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate,magnesium ascorbate, etc.) but not all forms are created equal. Long time vitamin C experts such as Linus Pauling, Robert Cathcart and Thomas Levy only recommend two forms of vitamin C orally:ascorbic acid and/or sodium ascorbate.

In large doses I have got rid of the pain in my appendix which I'd had for months.
My doctor told me to take laxatives,  I tried them even though I had sworn off them
because of the way they wreak havoc with my bowel for days. The laxative did not work with the pain in my appendix and caused a lot of problems for a few days.

How to use
Once you have mixed the ascorbic acid it has a 50% half life after 4 hours.  This mean once it is mixed with water it will have lost half of its potency after 4 hours. Keep it in the fridge for longest lasting potency.
Once in the body it has a 30 minute window to do it's job then the body gets rid of it.  This also means you can't take too much as the body just gets rid of what it can't use.
Therefore mix smaller amounts (it will dissolve with mixing) and take about 500 grams every 4 hours keep the blood at high concentrations all day.
Be sure to rinse your mouth out with some water.  It's a very acidic, and not good for your teeth  so using a straw is also a very good idea.
Or you can buy large empty 00 size capsules and fill them yourself.  It's quite easy.

I used it with food cravings when I was addicted to carbs.  Works great!

There is also endless studies and testimonials for the amazing efficacy of this wee vitamin.

Here is a link for eBay for a seller in Germany.  The price and quality are fantastic.

For more serious illness's Sodium Ascorbate needs to be used intravenously.  There is a wonderful video of a middle aged man who not only recovered from Swine Flu but also Leukaemia using intravenous vitamin C.  

Please see my blog entry on Liposomal Vitamin C for new information on encapsulated ascorbic acid that is able to get into the cells 7 times more efficiency than ascorbic acid alone.

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