Monday, 28 November 2011

Why you don't need to exercise like a greyhound

Exercise is not always the way, someone’s story

“I always was very physically active (6 - 8 hours/week of incentive cardio) and always on a chubby side, eating healthy moderately low-carb diet. Then the combination of all that jumping and weight, close to 180 lb, resulted in the need of a foot surgery (due to over exercising). I was in a panic. I thought that I would gain weight during 2 - 3 months of recovery time and I put myself on a very low-carb diet (30 grams or less of carbs), no fruits, no starches , no sugar substitutes, no snacks, just 3 meals a day. To my surprise, it made me less hungry. Only then I finally started to loose weight and moved from my 2 year plateau.
Looks like I am very weight loss resistant. During one year I lost only 8 -9 lb on this diet, but I am loosing and could finally drop extra hours of exercise. Now it is 3 - 5 hours of moderate exercise a week .Working out like mad is not sustainable. Even if you are willing and have time and willpower to do it, your body will give up eventuality, and then what? I believe that years of exercising kept my cardiovascular system healthy and my muscles toned, I never had a bad blood test or blood pressure reading in my life, however, fasting blood sugar level started to move really close to the upper border of normal (99 mg/dL). Now it is close to the low level of normal (69 -72 mg/dL).
- my age is 50, female.” 

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