Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Physical healing reactions when you start this program

What I don't see very much at all is a warning that when you begin this program you will have 'healing reactions'.

Now your body is getting the nutrients it needs, and not having to deal with the food you were putting in and the body had to keep defending itself against, it it now has the possibility of healing.

Lot's of old body issues will be healing and while they are healing you will get some discomfort.
Depending on how sick you have been the reactions will either intense or mild.
Healing reactions are the body retracing of old ( and probably forgotten) problems and is rectifying them.
When the body doesn't have what it needs to deal with a sickness or injury it pushes it down further into the body so that it can get on with dealing with your day to day needs.
What will result from this later in life is life threatening illnesses.
The thing to remember is illness's such as Cancer didn't just happen.  They are an accumulation of your bodies distress over a long period of time.

These are some of the healing reactions people have had Many of these you will think of as a new illness but they are not as long as you are strictly on this program.

Tired:  You will need a lot more sleep when you begin this diet.  Your body is healing and this takes a lot of energy.  When you are all well you will have more energy than you have had for years.

Itchy all over: a very common one.

Itchy rash: another common one.

Just a rash: And inevitably on your face!

Nausea: this happens particularly at the beginning when you eat more coconut oil and fats.

Pains in odd places: these places will often be some problem place you have had from the past.

Lack of appetite:only carbohydrates look appealing!

Odd skin issues: eruptions of all sorts. some people have more skin reaction that others.  This is the way the body eliminates toxins for them.

Breathlessness:  My old friend.  Its helps to slow your breathing down.  Not force the breath but be gentle,  and conscious occasionally throughout you day.

Weight gain: depending on what you body needs to do to get well you will either put on weight initially on lose it.  This is only temporary.  Also you may eat more at the beginning.  This is because your body is finally getting nutrients it needs and is also able to digest those nutrients. As your body becomes nourished you will stop eating so much.

Weight loss: If you lose weight, again, don't be alarmed if you are already thin.  The weight will come back and you will get to be more around your ideal weight.

Being very Emotional:  Yep, this is retracing too.  It's really important to remember this as you might think you are going batty.  Again breathing evenly and gently will help as will a gentle walk and a dip in some cold water.

Diarrhoea:  Very common for maybe the first year.

Constipation:  Initially until your bowel readjusts to your new way of eating. Don't panic and use laxatives this will only prolong it.  The extra fats you are eating will resolve this change in bowel response.  

Getting Angry:  Don't take it out on others, its just retracing.  It could be the boundaries that you never put up and you body has stored the anguish. Of course then put into place some good boundaries if you haven't already.

Feeling deprived: This too shall pass I promise.

Becoming evangelical:  Great! but don't be disappointed when people think you are a weirdo!
This is because you have discovered something that everyone thinks will be the end of their life if they give up carbs up, and just can't believe you are happy without them.

Body ills that you have will often become worse before they get better:  Yup

Fatigue:  This will last until your body becomes a fat burning body not a carb one.  It took me 4 months but my hubby no time at all.

Pseudo Low blood sugar (pseudo hypoglycemia):  You will think what you have is low blood sugar because all the symptoms point to it. If you've had moderate or high blood glucose levels for any length of time, after a couple of days on a  low carb diet, you can feel downright awful. That’s because the body gets used to all of that higher glucose running around. Improving your numbers through healthier food choices causes the body to panic, believing you’re in a dangerous low blood sugar situation. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline swiftly coax the liver to dump more glucose into the bloodstream, even though your blood sugar level might still be above normal.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do about the shakiness, pounding pulse and heat beat, sweatiness, and anxiety – except wait it out.

 Converting stored body fat into fuel isn't as fast as using glycogen, so occasionally the body can find itself in a slightly hypoglycemic condition.

Pain in the liver: Don't be alarmed you body is doing a lot detoxing and yes your liver will perhaps hurt for a while.

Urinating a lot:  This is because the body is no longer retaining water.  It's the carbohydrates in you diet that makes the body retain sodium.  This is why you must eat plenty of good salt.

Cramps:  You will either need more salt (most likely) or you are not drinking enough plain water or may need a potassium supplement like AlkaBalance.

Indigeston: When you begin this program you most probably already have a low stomach acidity. It can be helpful for a few months to take a Betaine Hydrochloric Acid tablet 40-45 minutes after eating until you no longer get indigestion. 

Vaginal Discharge (just like thrush):
This is a way that some women eliminate toxins.  I know I did.  I had it for the first year continuously.  After the year, it stopped and didn't come back.  Don't do anything to stop it as you will stop the healing process.  Sorry you just have to put up with it.  It is a bit sore.  Try a shallow sitz bath for some relief!

more to come........

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