Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Posting Links for some wonderful LCHF blogs

I just found just about  a 101 blogs on Low Carb, High Fat
The are so many people on LCHF, just like me, who want to share the wonderful benefits of being on this program.
 But the evidence is in because there are so many enthusiastic LCHFers out there and they are wanting to give, give, give and spread the wonderful news.

One of the best I have found is brilliant Neurosurgeon (ex dental surgeon) name Jack Kruse.
He treats his patients with this program and has incredible information in his blog.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Osteoporosis- my beautiful husband has it!

Just recently my husband Ian (65) decided he would have a jaunt on my son's (32) electric skateboard.
His very first go and he fell and broke his leg!  Be warned,  middle aged men populate the hospital emergengy dept after doing the very same thing!
My son was filming the event at the time and so I took a look at the footage.
What I saw didn't make me happy.  Ian had broken his leg with a really small fall. 
So off to the bone scanning testing facility we went.
And the results?  He has osteoporosis.

Now I know he drank huge quantities of coke as a teenager and lost all his teeth by 19, but then I found out that if children are exposed to cigarette smoke on a regular basis (and he was) then the bones don't get formed properly.  It's apparently the cadmium in the smoke. 

Another factor in osteoporosis is gluten intolerance.  
He has been gluten free for about 4 years now.  But after a life time of eating gluten when you are intolerant would cause a lot of problems.

You will start to lose bone after the age of 35 years so by this age you must  have the best bone possible and Ian just didn't.

He also was a vegetarian for about 17 years.  Vegetarians are not good at accessing nutrients in their food due to phytates and lectins from an excess of grains and pulses that stop the body absorbing nutrients. Vegetarians also have a very high omega 6 to omega 3 ration.  A study shows  that a higher ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids was linked to lower bone density at the hip in both older men and women -- a condition that could lead to osteoporosis.  Not only that he has been gluten sensitive for I don't know how long and this also prevents the body absorbing nutrients.  

A vegetarian diet
is funnily enough often a highly acidic diet with the high consumption of grains and pulses used to replace meat protein.

Vegetarians are renowned for becoming osteoporotic.

Meat and Fats have been recognised as the best bone formation foods.
Carbohydrates causes problem gut bacteria (Candida) and dysbiosis (leaky gut).  An inhospitable gut terrain doesn't allow the recycling of Vitamin K2 the most important vitamin in the rebuilding of bone.

Recently, despite his strong conviction he had great digestion (men!) he was also stomach acid deficient.  Which by the way, by taking hydrochloric acid, stopped the pain which for years and years he kept thinking was his heart.  Tests of course showed his heart was fine, but not one doctor until just recently mentioned to him it might be indigestion.  Not that he would have believed it at the time!  
Low stomach acid is also caused by a HCLF diet.  His vegetarian diet for so long!

So now he in on Strontium capsules at night on an empty stomach. In the morning high doses of Vitamin K2 MK-4 Vitamin D3, Magnesium.  Betaine Hydrochloride with every meal.
He is also getting a cup of bone broth every day.
When he get his cast off (10 days!) he will begin exercises.

What we don't know is what impact this LCHF program will have on his bones but this Neurosurgeon, Dr Jack Kruse speaks to Jimmy Moore on how he is now convinced that high carbohydrate diet definitely plays a large part in osteoporosis.  Listen here.
And also his first blog on Osteoarthritis and how it  relates to a high carb diet.

We have high hopes for a big recovery.

Strontium capsules have amazing testimonials for Osteoporosis on this link

Metabolic Syndrome: Why We Ge Toot Fat and Too Thin

Firstly we need to know what Metabolic Syndrome is-
It is a condition that occurs when the body had been fed too many carbohydrates for too long.  The only way the body can respond to too much carbohydrates is to produce more insulin.  Insulin is responsible for storing carbs we eat in our fatty tissue.   Too much insulin and the body just goes about storing almost all our carbohydrate foods in the fat tissue leaving you with no calories to get on with living.
So we become hungry very soon after eating. Our body is asking for more energy to keep going. Unfortunately so many of us will probably choose high energy food (carbs) to eat and unfortunately much of this will be stored again as fat.

Normally, when there is no excess of insulin in the blood, another hormone is available to access the energy in our fat tissue, but when there is a constant high level of insulin circulating in the blood from our high carbohydrate eating, this hormone isn't able to do its job.  Now we again will have to eat because the body can't access the fatty tissue energy we have stored.

And so we just keep getting fatter.
And then we get told we are fat because we eat too much and we are lazy.  This is just not the truth!
And so the vicious cycle continues unless......
There is only one way out of this cycle.  Eat the foods we are meant to eat to give us energy but will not raise the insulin levels in the blood.

Eating good fat gives energy and does not affect insulin levels at all. 

 Proteins will also raise the insulin levels in the a blood but not nearly to the extent the carbs do.

Fats get used as energy and what is not used will be stored for energy in the future, BUT they will be readily accessible for use as we will not have a high insulin level preventing their use providing we greatly reduce our consumption of carbs
So we won't get hungry like we do on carbs because we will have access to that stored fat in the fatty tissue and we so will have the energy we need for living.
Our body won't signal it needs more food as it is happily using its stores!

I have simplified this quite a lot but it's basically how it works and I hope gives a good picture of why we need to give up carb eating.
So many problems will ensue from Metabolic Syndrome
It’s well-known that constant high insulin levels can precede the development of Diabetes type 2 for as long as ten years. It is during this time that many of the complications associated with diabetes – nerve damage, retinal changes, and early signs of kidney deterioration, obesity, high triglyceride levels, fatty liver, high blood pressure – begin to develop.
With Diabetes type 2, our pancreas (which secretes the insulin) finally gets exhausted and can no longer secrete insulin.  This will cause us to have a constantly high blood glucose (sugar) level and the only answer from the medical community is to be medicated with insulin.
Now of course if we start to eat low carb, high fat so our body doesn't have to produce insulin to the degree it had to, we can eventually start to heal our Pancreas so it can start producing insulin again. 
"I am thin, I can't have Metabolic syndrome can I?"
Short answer is yes, and we can get Diabetes type 2 also, although it is very under diagnosed in thin people as they have not been seen as potential candidates.
It is just as important  for lean people to maintain low levels of insulin in their blood as it is for the overweight and obese.
Metabolic syndrome works in thin people by depositing carbs almost exclusively into the muscle tissue.  In metabolic syndrome with overweight people the carbs are deposited almost exclusively into the fatty tissue as the muscle tissue has become unable to take up carbs..
When the carbs are deposited into the muscle tissue it gives us a great deal of energy.   The energy in the muscle tissue is accessible and the body virtually forces the thin person with metabolic syndrome to use it.  Hence the result,  little fat accumulation and plenty of energy, BUT.. the thin person will not be able to put on weight to matter how hard she tries. 
The thin person who eats a lot of carbs will still have a lot of insulin circulating in the blood.  The excess insulin is still doing its damage and the same ill health will occur.
Later in life as the muscle tissue also becomes unable to receive the carbs, thin people will slow down as the energy is no longer available from their muscle tissue. 
The thin person will need to start eating the same as the obese person, a low carb, high fat diet.  With this diet thin people have had success in gaining weight and becoming well.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Watch this video on CNN on Coconut oil for Alzheimer's, Parkinson Disease, Autism

CNN news has done a report on Dr Mary Newport and her husband Steve who had Alzheimers disease.
They have had wonderful results using coconut oil as it contains an alternate food source for the brain called Ketones.  Ketones are made when the body doesn't have any glucose to use for it's energy source as in starvation or on a Low Carb program such as this one.

With Alzheimers the  brain cannot use glucose as  the brain has become glucose intolerant but it can use the Ketones. Without food the brain starves and consequently deteriorates.  
Some are calling Alzheimers type 3 Diabetes.

Dr Newport has written a wonderful book called "Alzheimers Disease-What If There Was a Cure?"

Liposomal Vitamin C- Make Your Own and Save Lots!

I have the recipe for Liposomal Vitamin C!  Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET)

Absolutely the best vitamin C is one that is encapsulated in lecithin.  This kind of Vitamin C will get into the cells 7 times more than ascorbic acid on its own.
 Vitamin C has very low absorbability in the gastrointestinal tract of humans (16%). By encapsulating Vitamin C with a phospholipid (lecithin) membrane, we could directly by-pass the destructive forces of the gut with Liposomal-C being directly absorbed into the blood stream.
It won't cause problems for the stomach and you will be able to ingest a lot more without reaching your Bowel Tolerance limit unlike using ascorbic acid alone.
(Bowel Tolerance Limit: This happens when your particular bowel reaches bowel tolerance using Vitamin C and you will get diarrhoea. Everyone's bowel tolerance is different.  Some people can only tolerate very little without getting diarrhoea.)

If you want to try it out and see how good it is for you then order from the below:
Order Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from the Vitamin C Foundation here for the best price for bulk discounts. 
Or order Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C from Iherb  for the best price on one packet of 30 sachets- here

OR watch this instructional  video to find out how to make if for yourself for a lot less and the full instruction are below.

Recipe for making Liposomal (Lipo-Spheric) Vitamin C
How to make:
1. Dissolve 3 level tablespoons of non GMO soy or sunflower lecithin in 1 cup of water (preferably distilled). 
Tip: This is key to being successful from the start. Mix the lecithin and distilled water in a seal-able  jar or use  blender or kitchen wizz so you can shake/agitate until the lecithin is completely dissolved. You don’t want any lecithin granules visible. Keep agitating until all granules are dissolved. 

2. Dissolve 1 level tablespoon of ascorbic acid powder in 1/2 cup of water.

3. Pour both solutions together in the ultrasonic cleaner bowl and turn the unit on. Using a plastic spoon or straw (leaving the top of the cleaner opened), gently, slowly, stirred the contents. Note: The cleaner will, automatically, self-stop about every 2 minutes. Just push the ON button to continue. Repeat for a total of 3 series (6 minutes). By that time the entire solution should be blended into a cloudy, homogeneous, milk-like mixture. 
Tip: Pour the dissolved Vitamin C solution into the sealable glass jar with the dissolved lecithin and shake briefly prior to pouring into the ultra-sonic cleaner. If you dissolved your lecithin first as directed above you will need to close the lid due to bubbling. Simply open the lid frequently and give the mixture a quick stir before closing the lid again.

4. This protocol furnishes about 12 grams (12000mg) of vitamin C product. At 70% encapsulation efficiency. This solution will keep, acceptably, at room temperature for 3 to 4 days. Refrigerated, it will keep much longer.

Here is where to buy a 600ml or 2.5 litre Ultrasonic cleaner for the best price and best quality I can find.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Foods High in Potassium

You will need to get get plenty of potassium on this program. You can use the alkaBalance drops in your beverages and include these foods.

1 cup yogurt – 573 mg potassium
40gm pork chop (boneless) – 514 mg
1 cup cooked chopped broccoli – 458 mg
½ avocado – 436 mg
½ cup cooked spinach – 420 mg

Other high potassium low carb foods include:
4 oz beef (sirloin) 495 mg
4 oz grilled salmon – 480 mg
1 cup chopped chicken breast meat – 358 mg
2 Tablespoons tomato paste – 342 mg
1 cup raw cauliflower – 303 mg

Monday, 2 January 2012

Watch Dr Eric Westman from the Obesity clinic

Dr Eric Westman one of the authors of "The New Atkins for a New You" interviewed by the swedish doctor in the other video.

Watch Dr Michael Fox who treats infertility with LCHF

This doctor has a huge success rate with infertility in women using a Low carb diet

Watch Swedish Dr Andreas Eenfeldt who uses LCHF diet with his patients

Dr. Eenfeldt from Sweden where there is starting to be an overwhelming change of diet over to LCHF.
So much so that they have been running out of butter!
He has a few amusing pictures on the video like the one below. 
Deevolutionary Man!


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Watch Dr Stephen Phinney on how one day cheating takes 2 to 4 weeks to adapt back aggain

Watch Dr Stephen Phinney author of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living tells us about being on LCHF diet long term, on cheating and it's consequences plus a lot more interesting stuff.

Watch Mary Vernon MD on how she treats her patients with LCHF diet

  This general practitioner worked it our for herself when she saw that the her patients were not being helped by the diet she was trained to suggest.
She is so beautifully passionate as everyone is when they see the improvements in their patients with a LCHF diet.  I believe this diet gives you back your natural intelligence as it allows your mind to work as it should.