Sunday, 8 January 2012

Watch this video on CNN on Coconut oil for Alzheimer's, Parkinson Disease, Autism

CNN news has done a report on Dr Mary Newport and her husband Steve who had Alzheimers disease.
They have had wonderful results using coconut oil as it contains an alternate food source for the brain called Ketones.  Ketones are made when the body doesn't have any glucose to use for it's energy source as in starvation or on a Low Carb program such as this one.

With Alzheimers the  brain cannot use glucose as  the brain has become glucose intolerant but it can use the Ketones. Without food the brain starves and consequently deteriorates.  
Some are calling Alzheimers type 3 Diabetes.

Dr Newport has written a wonderful book called "Alzheimers Disease-What If There Was a Cure?"

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