Tuesday, 29 November 2011

You will need these supplements

I know you don't want to take anything.  But.....for a while to get healthy these supplements will increase the speed of your recovery.

The vitamins and minerals you will need

Vitamin A & D - Natural retinol only 
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids
Vitamin K2
Calcium Citrate  
Magnesium Citrate 
Omega 3
Vitamin E -d-alpha tocopherol
Niacin - Natural only (this will give you hot flushes which the synthetic form will no. the synthetic form will not work as nearly well)

Take all these twice a day with meals

If you would like to replace the Omega 3's and Vitamins A and D with Cod liver oil then the best one would be Green Pasture Products: Blue Ice High-Vitamin Fermented Cod Liver Oil, www.nourishingecology.com.au
You can also get this product with this product with added butter oil.  Butter oil has plenty of Vitamin K2 which has been found to be deficient in many people who have Intestinal Permeability (Candida)

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid tablets- Take with meals if needed.  I believe if you have any gastro intestinal problems you will need this supplement until you can make enough stomach acid on your own. 
Vitalzyme - you can use this or not.  I have found it to really help my energy and digestion but it's a bit pricey. Just one in the morning before food
Coconut Oil - Use for cooking and as a supplement.  Slowly work up to eating 3 desertspoons a day plus when is used in cooking. 
You might also need Hydrochloric acid tablets with you meals.  I will have a blog entry on this subject.
Potassium bicarbonate or use AlkaBalance
And if you have Alzheimer's or Parkinson disease or
a predisposition to these diseases- MCT Oil

Epsom Salt Baths- take as many as one a day to begin for the first 2 months.  Provides a good supply of magnesium and sulphur. Sulphur is particularly deficient in those who have been vegetarian.  Sulphur is good for any persistent skin issues,  sleep apnea sufferers, restless leg syndrome, and those with fibromyalgia.  Meat & eggs contain high quantities of sulphur so after being on this program for a while you will have a good supply coming in.

You can use cod liver oil instead of the A & D and the Omega 3's.  It is just finding a product that is a good enough price and quality.
The site iHerb USA  is a great place to buy these supplements. They are a large company and because the price is so good the postage is not a problem.  If you use this code WIM869 you will get US$5 off your first order and I will benefit by getting bit off my order. If you use the links above you will not need to put in the code.

Take all these supplements just after you have eaten except for the Vitalzyme.  Take this before you eat.  Vitamin C you can take as needed.

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