Sunday, 11 December 2011

5 days in Los Angeles: they are using carbs to fill up instead of fat

Well,  I just did a quick dash to LA for a business trip.  The jet lag after 14 hours on a plane was the least of my worries.  What was the hardest was avoiding sugar!

The amount of sugar that is added to every single food in restaurants and cafes is quite scary.

I was told yesterday that there is even sugar in cheese now in the US. 
I just looked at Wiki at it tells me "American cheese" is made with milk,whey, milk fat, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, and salt. Where is the old way of making cheese?  European  cheeses are just made with whole milk just like they always were.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was the cakes and confections I saw in the bakeries and cafes.  There were these huge single serve cakes that are so loaded with sugar that honestly they have sugar on top of another form of sugar. 
I saw toffee apples (toffee? apple I saw in a shop window), not just coated in toffee, but Rocky Road, Mars Bars and every conceivable sugar you could think of. Kids & aduts are eating these foods.  When I looked at them they just made me feel sick. OTT!  This is how other people should be looking at them too.  They are so out of touch with their bodies that they just don't get how poisonous these foods are.

This pastry adjacent was huge!  And just for one person.  Absolute poison.

I did my best in keeping to the LCHF diet. 
Just ordered the meat and vegetables for my lunch and dinner.   Eggs for breakfast.  This would be ok if there was a good fatty sauce (without sugar) to go with it.  But every sauce I ate had loads of sugar and no fat, so I started ordering meals without sauces.    But the trouble is there just isn't any fat used in the cooking either.  No wonder my meals weren't satisfying.  Fat make things tasty and there was just not (I swear) any fat, even the bacon was so fat free it was scary.  I finally realised I had to start asking for butter.  But even then it came in tiny amounts.  I needed to bring my own!  I needed more fat.

I tried to get ordinary cream to put into my decaf.  There is only sugary whipped cream available. I went into a grocery shop to buy some pouring cream and they didn't have any, only the sugary stuff.  I finally found some in a Health Food shop and put it in my drinks.

Next trip I will get a room with a kitchen, find a Health Food and buy ordinary unpackaged food and cook it myself.

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