Monday, 31 October 2011

"Life Without Bread" & being vegetarian

"I just want to jump up and down
 and tell everyone there
 is an answer"
I  can't get over how difficult and how long it has been for me to get to the realization that I need to be on this Low Carb, High Fat diet.  I  tried so many things and when I found out it was the Carbs 'doing me in'  I just felt really right about it.  Damn it, the Low Carbers have been getting healthy out there for years! 

Life Without Bread
The wonderful book "Life Without Bread" by Dr Wolfgang Lutz, (born in 1913-2010, 97 years!) has been published since 2000.  This book was originally written in German and published in 1967, when a guy called Chris Allan found him and promised to write a book in English.  Dr Lutz had studied low carb, high fat on his many, many patients for over 40 years with quite stunning results.
His obituary is here and describes his work and his life with great regard.  

Giving up being Vegetarian
 Why didn't I get it?  Why was I a vegetarian for so long?  Because I brainwashed myself into believing that a vegetarian diet was the best diet there was.  I brainwashed myself because this is the diet that suited me.  My ideals, my beliefs.

A testimonial from a converted vegetarian now on this program
"I switched because I was so darn sick I could barely move. I was in pain all the time. I had arthritis in my hands, hips and shoulders; I had a broken coccyx (couldn't sit) and lower vertebrae that I was told I'd have to take pain meds for the rest of my life; I had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia; my bladder was constantly telling me I needed to pee; my brain was in a complete fog that I couldn't finish my own sentences; I'd wake up in the morning needing to take a nap; I constantly craved sugar; so many other things, too. I was a mess!

The stupid thing is that I knew that I had candida since my late teens and I continued eating the way I did anyway and continued getting worse and worse until I couldn't take one more second of it. 

I couldn't stand the thought of meat and had a really strong aversion it. Not only that, but I wanted to be 'right' about a vegetarian diet being the healthiest diet. I'm pretty stubborn that way! :o)

Anyway, I found this diet and started by eating fish every day for a month. Slowly, I felt up to adding poultry and finally red meats. It was really hard in the beginning, but I did it and now, 3 and nearly a half years later, I'm still going strong!

I now see how dangerous a vegetarian diet and when I hear people talking about how much better it is to eat vegetarian, I just want to scream. I'm living proof that it will ruin a person's life. Meat and fats are completely necessary for health; I'm positive of it!

 I forgot to mention that all of those symptoms I had that were so debilitating are all gone. I still have a few symptoms, but for the most part, I feel really good - better than I have my whole entire life!" 

I just want tell everyone there is an answer. Every person I see who's overweight, limping, in pain, has acne, has a nasty rash, has stomach pains, has intolerances to food or chemicals, has headaches.........if only.

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