Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Trials of a Long Distance (in time) Low Carber

Having afternoon tea with friends can be saddening
Yesterday we met our friends at a cafe for an afternoon tea.  Sounds easy doesn't it? Just a nice cup of tea and no need to watch anyone eating food we couldn't have?
Well it didn't quite work out that way.
Our friends, at 4pm in the afternoon, decided that they wouldn't be able to survive till dinner time without a snack.

Neolithic diseases
Now I don't know if they had lunch, maybe not, but they ordered Nachos.
Out came a large plate of Nachos which was placed in the middle of the small table. Ian and I looked at each other.  We'd just been talking with them about all the Neolithic diseases created by too many carbs.  The whole carb thing is very much in the forefront of our minds at the moment after just finding out that Ian has bad osteoporosis.
Neolithic diseases is a term used by my favourite Neurosurgeon (at the moment) Jack Kruse.  It's a term for all modern illnesses of mankind such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, leaky gut with overgrowth of candida, etc all coming from our modern agrarian diet (too many carbs and bad fats).

Our friends are both overweight and I'm betting they have metabolic syndrome. One is on the way to becoming diabetic if he isn't already.  The other wants to have a baby soon.

The up and downs of hunger
They are both afraid of hunger because, like Ian and I have experienced, on a high carb diet your of experience hunger is pretty unpleasant.  They both admitted to getting angry when they were hungry.  This is because on a high carb diet your blood sugar swings low to high to low.  In both states your mood are altered.  In the low state you are not able to make good decisions and you will eat something you probably will later regret.

My desire just wasn't there any more
I tried to not look at the plate of Nachos but interestingly enough after the first fear that I may want to eat it, I then looked at it again and I had absolutely no desire to eat it.
It was then interesting to watch the addiction first hand with our friends eating this high carbohydrate meal.   
One of them has tried to do this program, but he wouldn't give up fruit and so even though he lost weight and felt better he got tempted back into his sugary high carbs foods again.
The rest of us just had a cup of tea. He ordered beer which is high carbohydrate.
He could have ordered the chicken wings but passed it up.  I know the chicken wings are very good and we suggested he have them.  
We tried.

The addict always finds a Collaborator in his need for the fix
But the addict was going to have his way.  And his fianc√©e agreed and collaborated.
And as we watched them eat, Ian commented later, that he saw unconsciousness arise in them as they ate.
Can you accept you are an addict of high carb foods?
If you can then you are on the way to overcoming the addiction.  
If you are in denial then you haven't got a chance.
My friend is in denial.

Food and the memory lane
Food often is a very social event.  We remember good times of eating certain foods in a convivial setting.  Those food feelings get stuck in our memory and from then on we associate that food with good times. 

And so it was an interesting an enlightening afternoon as we started to understand the absolute cognitive dissonance of the addict and his need for a fix.

Ian's - and my brain chemistry is changing for the good
We also saw how we have come to think differently because our actually brain chemistry is changing back to the way it was before we became addicts. We now can stand back and watch our compulsive selves and not be forced into unconscious behaviours by them.

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