Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Osteoporosis Protocol Ian is on Now

I am getting this protocol from a maveric Neurosurgeon in the States.   Here is the link
Firstly  Ian has been already on a high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrate diet now for 12 months. 
So this part of the of the Osteoporosis protocol is already under way.

Avoid all polyunsaturated oils like the plague.
Completely eliminate gluten OR go and have a gluten test to see if you have sensitivities.  Ian is either gluten intolerant or sensitive, we don't know.  This is common in osteoporosis people.  On this program you shouldn't be eating gluten anyway.

Low Stomach Acid
If you have low stomach acid you will need to take Betaine Hydrochloride.  You can test this for yourself by using it and seeing if you get a hot or burning sensation when you have one.  If you do just take a little bicarbonate of soda.
This will relieve it promptly.  
If you get no burning sensation you need it. Increase the dosage to 2 and see what happen. Keep this up until the burning returns and then back off one capsule.
Most osteoporosis people have low stomach acid. 

His supplements are:
Plenty of coconut oil- Ian is taking 2 tablespoons 3 times daily and also we cook with it.
1 cup of Bone Broth once a day -bones from grass fed beef (will supply some Glutamine)
Vitamin K2 MK-4 variety 45 mg-  This variety is very important as it is the only one used in studies that really works to get the bone building again.
Magnesium Malate before bed: 1000 mg.
Vitamin D3 :  8000 iu in the morning
Omega 3's: 2000 mg twice a day (DHA/EPA variety)
Vitamin A -  15000 iu -only the natural variety made from fish (must be taken with D3 and these ratios are important)  
Vitamin B complex- very important also
Also:  Turmeric, Resveratrol, Arganine, Ornathine.
Selenium:  A brazil nut a day or a supplement
Zinc:  50 mg
Iodine: prawns 2 times a week or a supplement
Co Enzyme Q10- only use the Ubiquinol variety.  800mg
DHEA: he is still not tested for this but we will need to get a doctors prescription for it . 

I get all these supplements (except DHEA) from I-Herb  in the USA as the prices are better than here and freight is very reasonable.

Ian has had these tests:
Vitamin D: must be optimal
Salivary cortisol
Cholesterol:  HDL to LDL (low HDL indicates too much omega 6's to omega 3's which means lots of inflammation.  It is also a sign of a Leaky Gut)
Reverse T3 - Reverse Thyroid 3
HS-CRP - Highly sensitive C Reactive protein.
T3- Thyroid 3
TSH- Thyroid Stimulation Hormone.
Free Thyroid
Ferritin  - Needs to be optimal
B12  -  Needs to be optimal.
Testosterone, - all sex hormones should be optimal.  We aren't up to that yet.
DHEA - he hasn't done this will update on this later

He must avoids all pain killers- NSAIDS and limit radiation as it affects bone stock.

This link is for the same neurosurgeon information on a Leaky Gut protocol

And for how to find out if you have it go here.

We still don't know if he has a  Leaky Gut but if he does we will need to take plenty of Glutathione to repair it.  The trouble is that Glutathione can't be taken by mouth so he would need IV Glutathione.   The good thing is we have found a source of Lipospheric Glutathione that is supposed to get past the problem of the stomach as it is encased in a substance that allows it to get into the cells. We can buy it on the same USA site above but  we are going to make our own.  
Glutamine- very good for repairing a Leaky Gut
I will update on this later as we need to get Ian tested.

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