Thursday, 23 February 2012

If you are over 60 years, get a bone scan!

Don't end up in a nursing home with a broken femur
Don't wait till you have broken your Femur or even a leg before you take the important step of getting a Dexa scan to test for osteoporosis.

Don't bother using the chemist's bone scan. They are useless.  Both Ian and I has one done few years ago at a chemist and the test read that our bones were great.   This is obviously not true as a short time later he we find he had really bad osteoporosis.  I have since found out this type of testing is not at all accurate.

Sound mind, Sound femur
When I was young I worked in a nursing home and  I watched some lovely old people come in to be cared for after breaking their femur. When they came in they were alert and had been looking after themselves in their own home.
After breaking their femur they never left.   The steady decline from a lack of good food, exercise, healthy peer stimulation and the loss of their place in the world meant these people couldn't recover physically.  
They went down very fast emotionally and with that they lost their sanity.
They died in the nursing home.  Don't let this happen to you.
Bones do not heal at all well or easily when you have osteoporosis as we have found out the hard way.  Especially the femur bone.
The femur is the top of you thigh bone and it is hard to heal even with good bones and it is the most commonly broken bone in old people usually from a small fall.

You too can turn osteoporosis around.
You can turn osteoporosis around.  Watch our journey and tell everyone as we show the amazing turnaround that Ian is going through from severe osteoporosis to no osteoporosis.  

Don't become a Neolithic diet statistic
Cardiovascular disease, Dementia, Alzheimers, Osteoporosis,  are all diseases of our modern 'fad' diet.  
These are not diseases that are just normal as you get old these are diseases of the modern diet.  The high carb, low fat diet.
The so called 'fad diet' Ian and I are both eating, was one that our ancestors were eating for millions of years.   
So I ask, which one is the real 'fad' diet?

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