Friday, 24 February 2012

All about Vitamin K2- MK4 Variety

First discovered by a dentist
Weston Price the famous dentist who went around the world studying teeth in different races called it the X factor and now is identified as Vitamin K2.

You really do want to get enough Vitamin K2-MK4
Vitamin K2 is good the  bones, skin, blood vessels, the brain, teeth, a healthy gut,

Foods that you can eat with K2 MK-4 
All the values of K2-MK4 in animal products in this list depend on the quality of the food they ate.  To insure good levels of K2-MK4 the animals need to have been pastured on green grass grown on high mineral content soil.

Vegetarians will be deficient.  (No wonder vegetarians
are prone to osteoporosis!)
Unless you eat Natto (only mostly provides MK-7) as a vegetarian you are not going to get near enough Vitamin K2.  Dark leafy greens can only provide Vitamin K1 which is only good for blood clotting not bone or artery health.

Vitamin K2 -MK4 & other MK content of selected foods

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleue is a book well worth reading if you have a serious health issue such as one I have described above.  It has only just been published and is a wealth of good information about this vital but here to fore little understood vitamin.

Why Vitamin K2 MK-4 not other MK's?
Although vendors of MK-7 have done a study that shows MK-7 lasts longer in the body than MK-4 they have never published the study for us to look at.
 Also studies on plasma in rats shows exactly the same time that MK-7 and MK-4 lasts in the body.
MK-4  has been found to activate two specific genes in osteoblast cells.  Osteoblasts build bone.  They also tested MK-7 and it did to activate these genes.  This shows that MK-4 has effects on bone tissue the MK-7 does not.
 I also think it's worth mentioning that MK-4 is the only form of vitamin K2 that's been shown to reduce fracture risk in clinical trials and MK-4 is the only one that has been shown to prevent/reduce arterial calcification in rats up to this point.

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