Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How is Ian's Leg Healing?

Ian's leg was broken 10 long weeks ago.  His leg is still in a  support boot (after his rather special leg cast!) because it has been taking ages to heal. 
That's because as we found out he has bad Osteoporosis and when you have Osteoporosis you bones take much longer to heal.
Since we found out about his Osteoporosis we have learned so much about this disease and how, it is right now, affecting not only older people but people as young as 30 years.  
Neurosurgeon, Jack Kruse, attests to this as he operates on these people's spines when they crumble.  

Finally after taking the divine trio for the last three weeks,  Vitamin D, A and K2, and of course being on this program we are happy to say his leg in finally mending.  

And... the other great news is, when looking at this Xray, we saw a lot less arteriosclerosis in his leg.
This in only 3 weeks!  

Arteriosclerosis plaque is made of a mixture of calcium and oxidised LDL cholesterol.  LDL cholesterol becomes oxidised by eating too many polyunsaturated oils and not enough Omega 3's. 
When there is a lot of calcium floating around in the bloodstream, which occurs with a lack of Vitamin K2, then that calcium binds with the oxidised LDL's and causes Arteriosclerosis.

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