Monday, 5 March 2012

Are You A Eat to LIve or Live to Eat Kind of Person?

I certainly know I have been a Live to Eat (and drink)  kind of person.  
Changing over to a Eat to Live person has been an interesting (to say the least) experience.
I realised I actually needed to find my passion to fill my need for meaning instead of using food for that purpose.
Wow! and yikes!
How did I find my passion?   Well truth be told I am still finding it.  I think it is an ongoing odyssey.  A long journey yes, but a journey that's turning out to be very interesting.

What do you do when you aren't thinking of what you are going to have at your next meal?
First I self soothe.  I tell myself that I can find satisfaction in other places.  
Actually sex has become  much more important!  And actually much more enjoyable.  I don't know whether it's because I feel healthier but orgasms has become a thing of wonder!  I don't remember ever feeling this way before.  One reason, I'm sure, is my hormonal system is now much much healthier.  Not having the food thing has definitely heightened my senses.

Going out was always about going for a meal or to have a coffee or have an alcoholic drink.
 It's certainly not impossible to go out for a meal as long as you pick the right restaurant and order only the meat and above ground vegetables.  Try and make sure you get enough fat in your meal to make sure you are full and won't go an order a dessert to fill up.  You could ask for some extra virgin olive oil or bring some butter or ghee to put on yourself. Of course your drink will be mineral water not wine. 
Going out for a coffee can be more problematic.  You will have to order a decaf without milk.
This probably won't get your yaya going like it used to do in the caffeinated coffee days.  I really haven't found an answer for this yet.

Finding Our Passion
What's my passion and therefore meaning at the moment?
Getting the message about this program out to all of you wonderful people.
Discovering how food can either rule my life or I can be the captain!

I think the way we have been eating has caused so much problems on a chemical level within our bodies that we haven't been able to evolve as a species.  I think we stopped evolving about 10,000 years ago.  We certainly keep making the same mistakes again and again and never seem to learn anything from our history.  What's the use of history unless we see the mistakes and stop repeating them?  

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